Arlo's Razor Bump Skin Care Lotion 6 oz

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Arlo's Razor Bump Skin Care Lotion 6 oz

This ingenious blend of natural ingredients smoothes razor bumps, while relieving the pain and irritation of razor burn. ENSURES A SOFTER, CLEANER SHAVE Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, our all-new Razor Bump Skin Care Lotion, has been expertly crafted to provide a more comfortable experience and help you avoid razor burn, bumps and irritation. IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN AND HAIR TYPES Coarse or Fine hair, dry or sensitive skin? Our skin care lotion will give you the irritation free shave you deserve. While formulated for a man, it’s also fantastic for Women who want a bump and blemish free shave as well! EASY, BREEZY Unlike many other lotions and creams, our lotion features an easy Arlo’s dispensing bottle – No Mess, No Fuss. AMERICAN MADE Proudly Made in USA to the highest quality standards, ensuring this is the best shave lotion you'll ever experience.

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