7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel off Mask 0.3 oz.

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7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel off Mask 0.3 oz.

You are determined to get rid of toxins from your skin and deeply cleanse your pores; our tea tree mask will help you cleanse the T-zone, leaving it free of toxins Your skin will look smoother Our tea tree mask is easy to apply You only need to spread it evenly all over your face and wait for it to dry; you can remove it easily in one piece, without problems 7th Heaven has created this mask to clean and reduce your skin's pores and get rid of unwanted impurities.

The tea tree is an ingredient that helps to clean the pores, removing oil, and detoxifying your skin Witch hazel, Tea Tree, and Canadian Willowherb make this mask have a calming effect on the skin and treat your face's most challenging areas It will leave your skin clean and glowing! The mask, enriched with tea tree oil, helps absorb the excess of sebum, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking clearer

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