Wave Builder Sof Waves Moisturizing Lotion 7 oz.

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Wave Builder Sof' Waves Moisturizing Building Lotion 7 oz.

  • Wavebuilder Sof’ Waves is an oil moisturizing lotion specially formulated for wavers.
  • Sof’ Waves contains just the right blend of oils and other moisturizing agents to fully moisturize the hair without greasiness, stickiness or buildup.
  • Sof’ Waves absorbs quickly and is light enough to be used daily. It won’t weigh down hair and makes it easier to wave.
  • Can be used for brushing. Prevents itchy scalp. Excellent lasting shine. Added nutrients for strong, healthy hair and waves.
  • This high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER product is made by us with only the best available ingredients.

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