Wave Builder Edgetastic Enhancer 5.7 oz.

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Wave Builder Edgetastic Enhancer 5.7 oz.

Wavebuilder Edgetastic Edge Waving Enhancer keeps your waves laid all day. Tackle those hard to wave edges and sides with this signature formula. Designed to help loosen the elasticity of tight curly hair strands, it trains the hair to lay down for wave forming. Edgetastic is fortified with active proteins and moisturizing additives to help train stubborn areas that over curl and won’t lay down for waving. Hard to wave areas becomes manageable with Edgetastic.
  • Great for difficult to waves areas and resistant hair 
  • Maximum wave forming power 
  • Tackle the problem areas first when styling and rag up for a few minutes after use
  • Compression reinforces the hair to lay down 
  • 100% Made by us 

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