Barbicide Disinfectant Liquid 16 oz.

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Barbicide Disinfectant Liquid 16 oz. is an easy way for the professional groomer to disinfect comb, brushes, shears, and more. Kills ringworm, HIV virus, staph, bacteria, and other pathogens. Barbicide disinfectant contains a powerful rust inhibitor. Concentrated liquid, 120ml makes one gallon of clear blue solution that is fully biodegradable. 470ml bottle makes 15.1l of solution. Metals can be immersed for hours without rusting, but should be oiled afterward. Barbicide disinfectant is used in hospitals as well as grooming and beauty salons. Active ingredient benzalkonium chloride 5. 12 percent. Measures 20cm length by 5.1cm - 0.7cm width by 5.1cm - 0.7cm height.

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