Barber Shop Aid After Shave No Burn 12.5 oz.

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Barber Shop Aid No Burn Alcohol-Free Aftershave with Aloe 13 oz

Multi-Purpose Antiseptic

Barber Shop Aid No Burn Antiseptic is the first No Burn antiseptic ever introduced to the Barber & Beauty industry. Many hospitals have been using Benzalkonium Chloride Solution as a topical antiseptic and disinfectant for many years.

We were successfully able to take this solution from the hospital establishments and formulate and package it for our Barber & Beauty Professionals to prevent infections in their establishments.

Alcohol formulas have been the leading topical antiseptic for Barbers & Beauty Professionals forever and no doubt will always be around. However, after 21 years of research and experience we know for a fact that many of the clients serviced in Barbershops and Beauty salons cannot tolerate the harshness of alcohol. Because of either the drying effects or the burning and stinging pain it causes when applied to their skin.

100% of children disapprove of alcohol base formula antiseptics after being trimmed with trimmers. However, they have to have antiseptic applied to their skin.

With this known fact exposed we offer the alternative solution. The new No Burn Antiseptic. It kills germs without the burning and stinging of alcohol while soothing the skin and preventing irritations.

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